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Live Shows

Our Live Shows are broadcasted on air from our Cleveland, Ohio studio where the hosts engage the audiences via the call-in line! 
Mind Healing Conversations

Sundays 6-7P EST  Hosted by Robyn Hill, Mental Health Therapist

Show topics and interviews that cover mental wellness and soul care to help you heal from the past, deal with the life stressors of today, and create balance in your life for tomorrow!


Bub & Wax on Sports

Saturdays 4-5P EST  Hosted by Bub & Wax

This is a call-in talk show discussing Sports Talk!  From National to Local, call in and talk about it!

The Queen's Journey

Sundays 7:30P-8:30P EST Hosted by Shadae Bumpers

This is your weekly go-to  for empowerment and self-discovery!  Shadae, a.k.a. "The Sexy Magician", will use her eclectic style to lead you on  path of spiritual enlightenment as you become more aware of your Queendom!


The Pipe Dream

 Thursdays 7:30-8:30P EST Hosted by Sherry Headen

Sherry is an Entrepreneur, Author, and Life Coach who opened her first business in 1993, the first 24 hour childcare center in the inner city of Cleveland, Ohio. She grew to owning several daycares, been in business for over 25 years, authored "God Speaks Economic Downturn: How Does A Christian Company Make It?" and has met with prolific people, such as President Clinton and Vice President Gore. She is hosting "The Pipe Dream" to encourage entrepreneurs to begin to make their dreams a reality!


Recorded Shows

Our Recorded Shows are tapings and podcasts by some of the best hosts from all over the country.  They are aired during the daytime and are full of information to help you in the areas of lifestyle and wellness!
Our Recorded Shows are tapings and podcasts by some of the best hosts from all over the country.  They are aired during the daytime and are full of information to help you in the areas of lifestyle and wellness!
"New Wineskins" Gospel Hour

Sundays 9:30A & 9P EST

This is a showcase of the hottest Indie Gospel Artists out today! New artists/songs may be introduced weekly!  Be sure to visit the Chat Room and let us know who your favorite is and who to keep in the rotation!


Spiritual Nourishment

Sundays 7A, 4P and Wednesdays 7A EST

Hosted by comedian & talk show host Sheryl Underwood, "Spiritual Nourishment" is in syndication around the globe.  Showcasing the latest gospel music and discussions to encourage spiritual self-care.


Making contact

Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays 12P EST

Produced by International Media Project, "Making Contact" is an investigative journalism show that analyzes critical social and environmental issues and showcases grassroots solutions in order to inform and inspire audiences to action.

Take a shot!

Mondays 8A & 4P EST

Hosted by Emem Joy Emah

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” Get inspired, encouraged, and motivated to pursue your purpose by taking a step of faith.



Speak On It!

Mondays 9A & 1P EST

Hosted by Author Jessica Nicole

Your weekly encouragement and empowerment to get you through today's life challenges!


Real Chicks Rock!

Sundays 6A & 1P EST

Hosted by Michelle Dawes Birt

Real Chicks Rock! present "Real Discussions" on business with some of the top entrepreneurs and public figures!


Rapzilla.com live

Sundays 2P EST

Hosted by Chris Chicago

The latest in news and releases in Christian Hip-Hop and Urban Music!

Sponsored by NRT Radio


TED Talks Daily Podcast

Tuesdays & Thursdays 8A EST

The latest in thought provoking ideas on every subject matter from the world's leading thinkers and doers!


Our Music

The music played on Elevations Radio are all Indie Artists from all around the world.  We play various genres from jazz, soul, blues, R&B, POP, Gospel to Country.  The music is played during the live talk shows and in between show replays.  The song and artist are displayed on the player, look them up and support their work!
Stan Edward Moore
Samira Gibson
R. Bernard
Mr. Talkbox
Cleveland P. Jones
Anu Da Sun
Andre Cavor
Tiffanie Malvo
Donnie Lynee
Mark Carthon
Ivy Roots
billy walls jr.
Will Glover
Soul Revival
Micheal J Calhoun
Isaiah Jamel
Charlene Nash
Elliott Luv
Byron Brown
Ashle Renee
Lashawn McLemore
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